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Our Crew

Full Family Owned Charter!

The Captain:

Erik Carvotta - The Captain for Salty Turtle Tours.

  He has a lifetime of boating experience and his passion for the water lead him to this journey of being a charter captain. The love for the water will show as he takes you out on your trip, and he will always give 100%+ effort to make sure you fully enjoy your experience on the water!

"Can't wait to meet you (and your family) to share these beautiful costal waters and experiences! Stay salty my friends."
Certified USCG OUPV

Certified SDI Scuba

The Crew:​

Jeweliy Carvotta - First Mate

  Born and raised in the Finger Lakes of NY. She has a love for water and has been on boats most of her life. Loves Fishing, Kayaking, Paddle boarding, and EVERYTHING water related. She loved her time in fresh water but always had salt water in her veins. This has brought her to the Gulf Coast of Florida. With a passion for sea life and everything that entails, she fits in perfectly in here. When not on the water she spends her time at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium working with the sea turtle and aquatic biology department. With her vast experience she is a great first mate to take care of the boat and its passengers while sharing her knowledge of the local ecosystems and marine life.
Certified SDI Scuba

Jeweliy Carvotta
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